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Arbistar 2.0 creates automated products that operate in multi-million dollar markets.

Let's Make Money With Arbistar 2.0

There are 9.6 million traders that operate online. Basically, 1 out of 781 people on the planet trade online.

Find out how what Arbistar can do for you.

What is Arbistar 2.0 and what we can do for you

Arbistar 2.0 has created the first software for automatic arbitrage.

Arbistar 2.0 is a series of online automated trading bots that are able to operate in different scenarios and markets, helping you on making money online. The version 2.0 of the platform was created in January 2019 replacing the first, here’s the name 2.0. It’s an evolution of the initial project that began in September 2018. We base our philosophy on creating technological solutions with built-in freedom.
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Arbistar 2.0 markets opportunities

This is how much you can earn online and in which markets you can invest.



Crypto Market

The Crypto Market, thanks to its Blockchain technology, where all transactions are certified, is a volatile, innovative and verifiable market which capitalizes 300 billion dollars



Arbitrage is the act of buying and selling currencies concurrently, taking advantage of the different values present in the crypto market which is exempt from regulations

Arbitrage Bot

Arbitrage Bot

Arbistar 2.0 has developed an Arbitrage Bot that trade in this market: buying cryptos less expensive and selling more expensive, allow you to earn on the difference in value .


Trade Market

Stable Market

The Forex Market is the market in which users can buy, sell, exchange, and speculate on currencies: with a daily volume of 5 billion dollars is the largest market in the world.


Regulated Trading

This enormous Market doesn't allow Arbitrage because it's regulated and only authorized operators (Banks, edge funds or brokers for example) can operate there.

Arbistar Solution

Arbistar 2.0 solution

Arbistar 2.0 creates automatic trading bots which can be installed in brokerage accounts, allowing them to operate without needing to have an extensive knowledge of the market.



Traditional Market

The Commodities Market was created in the 17th century in Chicago. It includes physical trading: in fact unlike the other markets you can actually buy what you are betting on.


High volatility

With his fluctations, it is a very volatile market, with great possibilities of making a profit, and with very interesting volumes, although it is not like those in Forex

Gold Buster

Goldbuster Bot

The Goldbuster Bot, taking advantage of the high volatility of this particular market, operating 100% automatically in a very short period, allows you to make large profits at a fair risk.

Arbistar 2.0 Trading Bots

Our automated products use the latest technologies available

Personal Bot Pro

Personal Bot Pro

Personal Bot Pro is crypto currency arbitrage Bot that ONLY KNOWS HOW TO WIN. This product allows the customer to purchase a 1 year license.


Pipster V1

Pipster V1 EA can be described as a grid strategy. However, it has a hedging script implemented that protects the account from large market waves.

Pipster V2 BIG

Pipster Plus V2

Pipster Plus V2 has an algorithm that is identical to the Pipster but, having more investment, it has more trading capacity and therefore higher returns.

Foundation Bot

Arbistar Foundation

Foundation bot works with a grid strategy: the sequence of lots it uses is configured to give the highest possible profit with the least risk using small lots.

Gold Buster Bot BIG

Gold Buster Bot

Gold Buster Bot works in the Gold market with a slightly more aggressive Grid strategy but with the usual hedging strategies in a minute timeframe.

Swing Bot

Swing Bot

Swing Bot is a carefully structured tendency bot: with strict and secure control over market entries it can trade with pairs that allow for a positive swap.

Arbistar 2.0 is a revolutionary software that is changing the lives of many people

Arbistar 2.0 Headquarters

This is where we work hard to make you earn money in a safe and fast way.

Our Offices

We are located in Tenerife (Canary Islands) Spain with offices open to anyone, whether they are clients or not. Send an email to [email protected] to request an appointment. We currently have a staff of more than 30 people between working for the company.

Zec Zone

We belong to the ZEC (Canary Islands Special Zone), an entity that brings together the most prestigious companies in the Canary Islands with a strict and difficult control to become a part of it.
It allows us to obtain very interesting tax advantages that we use to reinvest in our company.

ARBISTAR 2.0 referral plan

Arbistar 2.0 with referral plan rewards the client that brings another client.

What Our Clients Say

Let testimonals do the speaking and discover how Arbistar 2.0 changed their lives.

Arbistar Services

Arbistar 2.0 Team has created the first software for the automatic arbitrage of cryptocurrencies

Available since April 8th to all Arbistar 2.0 customers, the monthly cost of 90 euros is paid in Bitcoin. Some services, like ArbiAcademy and ArbiLegal, are available at the moment only in Spanish.
ArbipayCard is a rechargable card that allows you to exchange your bitcoins for Euro/Dollars. The maximum load on bitcoins or other cards is 50,000 Euro/Dollars per month.
Arbicredit SA is a subsidiary of the Corporation that intends to offer financial products with the necessary licenses to offer financial and mixed products between FIAT money and Cryptos.
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Participating in the Friend Plan is completely optional. No one is obliged to recommend the business opportunity to other people in order to use the products and make a profit from them.

Clients have a referral link in their personal account, once they have made a product purchase. That referral link is what must be passed on to other people so that they may register with the company.

The company does not have a referral link, so anyone interested in joining the Arbistar 2.0 community may only do so through someone who is already a client.


All Arbistar 2.0 payments are made in Bitcoin, since the products that are sold are paid in Bitcoin.

The commission cycles of the Friend Plan are based on product sales from Saturday to Friday with settlements every Saturday in Bitcoin.

The sales of products in Arbistar 2.0 are entitled to a 7-day refund from the date of purchase. Therefore, a product sold always generates commissions 7 days after its purchase, so the commission is generated the following week for collection.


The commissions of the Friend Plan are based on a PRINCIPAL PROFIT and 3 Bonuses (PRIZES) that are granted to the commissioners who meet various requirements by sales volume.


The network is commissioned on purchases of any Bot with an annual renewable license. The commission rate is 6% for each sale produced throughout the organization. As an organization, each client between level 1 and level 5 of referrals is considered.

(Level 1 direct referrals, levels 2 to 5 indirect levels.) Each time that sale is renewed (usually every year) that customer’s sponsor commissions again 6% from that purchase.

The Unilevel structure is based on 5 levels of depth and no limits of width, that is, you can invite as many friends as you want and they will be included in your first level of customers so they can optionally do the same and fill their levels that will indirectly be yours. Initially all users start with 5 open levels with no requirements.


Arbistar 2.0 offers you the ability to collect from sales produced from level 6 to 10 of your unilevel structure, thus expanding your possibilities of indirect commissions for your sales network.

To obtain commissions from the 6th to the 10th level, a turnover of 30,000 euros in sales is required only once, in the first level (direct). Therefore the more direct customers, the more possibilities to unlock these 5 lower levels.


For every 100,000 euros obtained in sales of the first level (direct) an additional bonus of 10% is commissioned = 10,000 euros. These 10,000 Euros will be paid in Bitcoin at the exchange rate at the moment.

This bonus is paid every time these sales are achieved, that is, it can be obtained multiple times and it is additional to the 6% that is paid as the main profit.

It is paid on the first Saturday after the qualification is achieved.


A World Club is created where the company distributes 5% of all its BENEFITS among the members who reach a total turnover of UP TO 1 million euros, with no depth levels or defined period of time.

Those people who reach a total turnover of 1,000,000 EUR in total, to infinity with no depth limits and with a turnover in Level 1 of 100,000 EUR, will enter this World Bonus. (To obtain the Bonus 3 you must have obtained Bonus 2 at least once).

This will also allow them to belong to the World Club by receiving trips, gifts, preferential treatment at events and recognition. It is paid on the first Saturday of the month based on the previous month’s company earnings. To be able to collect it you must be qualified for a full month. Therefore, the month in which you qualify for the first time does not count for payment.

Excluded from this bonus are members who promote other Online Businesses, understood as such businesses that are sold or promoted on the Internet. They are not prevented from investing in other businesses but they are prevented from promoting them if they want to collect this bonus. All other bonuses and earnings are not affected by these circumstances. They will only stop collecting the 3 rd Bonus since in the World Club we only allow Leaders who lead as an example of Arbistar 2.0 S.L.