ArbiStar | About Us-
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We are ArbiStar

We are a team of engineers, product designers, marketers and analysts, reuniting our talents to conceptualize and develop innovative and profitable solutions. Our area of focus is financial markets. We investigate the markets to identify opportunities that we could exploit with automized solutions. Our objective is to provide our community with products to help them build their wealth and reach financial independence and prosperity. Our solutions are developed and maintained in-house. Global Marketing retains intellectual property rights upon ArbiStar solutions. Attempting to sell or distribute our products outside of the ArbiStar network is infringement and is liable to prosecution.

Contact Us

Santi Fuentes / CEO

Santi Fuentes is one of the most experienced people in the world of Referral Marketing with 30 years of experience. He has led teams of thousands of people with great success. He has also known as team leader the failure of some projects where companies were not transparent and cheated their sales teams. For this reason he is the ideal person to lead Arbistar 2.0 because he wants to avoid bad situations and take care of and pamper the sales teams running a legal and totally real business. From our past success will come our future success as a global project.

ViktoraFrantzaz / CTO

Viktor Frantz is CTO at ArbiStar. He is in charge of supervising the technical activities of ArbiStar and its products. Viktor has extensive experience in the creation of software solutions. He founded and operates, a software development agency based in Paris that offers unique development processes.

Diego Felipe / COO

Diego Felipe has extensive experience in the conceptualization of solutions in the cryptocurrency industry with a high degree of “product-market fit”. Working in small and large organizations in product development and marketing activities, Diego is equipped with the perfect set of skills to supervise and coordinate ArbiStar operations.