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Pipster EA can be described as a grid strategy. However, it has a hedging script implemented that better protects the account from large market waves. Hedging means that the EA goes long and short on the same pair at the same time. EA uses the one minute time frame and can trade multiple currency pairs. As indicators, RSI and MACD rules apply.

Like all FOREX products the bot can win or lose. Our client is responsible for their results since Arbistar 2.0 offers him the product, but it is the client who must set the parameters for it to work with more or less risk. You should never invest money you are not prepared to lose.

This product allows the client to purchase a 1-year license (except VIP license). The price is 1000 euros renewable per year (paid in BITCOIN at the exchange rate). It must be installed on an external VPS. Our DISCORD application channel offers free help and advice for its installation. THE BOT IS 100% AUTOMATIC. Once configured it works 24 hours a day (5 days a week).