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ArbiStar | FAQ
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Bot prices?

We now have four different packages for the bot.

              250 euros … ..1,000 euros … .. 2,500 euros … ..5,000 euros

What are the bot differences?

Depending on the bot you choose, you will be able to have a greater return in BTC generated in your exchanges. This is due to the fact that your bot would have a higher limit.

What is the most "recommendable" bot to see good results?

You are free to choose what you can and want however the most popular is usually the bot of 1,000 euros for its average value among existing ones, with a maximum amount in your Exchange of 1,000 euros. However the higher the bot license, the more returns generated.

How much can I earn with each bot per day?

It is a difficult question to answer. Everything depends on the market and the volume of operations that exist in each of the Exchange that we will use. In average, based on the bot license you can choose, our bots generate between $5 and $35 a day.

How much capital can I have as a minimum and maximum per bot?

The cheapest option is the one costing 250 euros. With this you can inject 250 euros maximum for trading. The minimum could be about 120 euros.  Although the operations would decrease considerably since the options would be much lower.

Each bot has a maximum amount of btc in the exchanges, but if the value of the btc goes up ... Would that maximum amount remain the same in btc or in dollars / euros?

The references that we make in euros or dollars is just a guide because people are more used to its use, but the profits are always in Bitcoin or Sathosi ((bitcoin decimals)).

Can I buy several bots in my name?

If you have a VIP account (5,000 euros), you might be able under your own license, without opening a new position. You should contact support for more information, as it may vary.

Can a large investor enter this system?

It is preferable that a large number of people are having results with our arbitration product instead of a few people with large capital. For people with high purchasing power we will have other products that suit their economic level in the future.

Do I have to pay the full or partial value of the next bot that I bought?

If you bought a bot and you want to buy the next one or higher, you will have to pay the full amount.

How long will my bot work?

During 2years. 730 days from the purchase date.

What happens if there is a technical problem with my bot?

If you detect a problem, you should contact support. We will investigate what the issue might be. Perhaps there is no more funds on some exchanges, and you need to reset to redistribute; perhaps at this time there is no opportunity; or you might encounter issue with your server.

How do I install my bot?

You will have a tutorial on how to do it step by step. You must rent an external server to install the bot, where it works 24 hours without rest. Once installed, you will have an Admin Panel where you must copy the API of your exchanges and paste it in a few boxes with the name of each of your exchanges. The process is very simple.

Can my bot be hacked?

Cyber ​​criminals are around. Hackers look for vulnerable people who do not take security measures to enter their accounts. Each person must have their passwords with a great difficulty that only you can know. Do not use dates of births, anniversaries, names of pets or consecutive numbers such as 1234, etc … Take all possible security measures and your chances of hacking will be very low. If you follow our instructions, you will not have problems.

Does the Arbistar company have access to my exchange accounts?

Not at all. Arbistar just gives you a downloadable application that you will have to host and control on your individual server. Once the bot is paid it is 100% yours for 1 year. You will however provide support if needed.

What is an Exchange?

An Exchange is a website acting as a marketplace, that allows you to trade between different currencies, digital and fiat. The exchanges are financial markets that allow the free play of supply and demand to give Bitcoin an economic value.

How many exchanges are recommended to link with my bot?

Depending on your amount in bitcoin, having a wide variety of exchanges allows you to have more arbitrage operations. The ideal is to use the maximum that the company suggests.

Do I have to open new exchanges if I already have the same one that suggests opening the company?

You can use the same one you already had and link it now so that your bot works on it.

Do I have to put the 2FA in each exchanges?

The security is ESSENTIAL. The more security your exchanges have, the less chance there is of a possible hack. The 2FA ((Second security factor)) is a very useful and easy to use tool.

What 2FA would be the best to use?

We have been using Google Authenticator or Authy for years. Both are ideal for raising the security level of your accounts.

Do I have to upload the documentation in each exchange?

Yes. Once you register you must fill in the documentation requested to increase the layers of withdrawals or income. Normally they ask for a photo of the ID card or ID, photo or selfie, some proof of address such as bills for water, electricity, taxes, etc.

Does the company assure me a profit?

We cannot guarantee that the bot will generate profit forever. There are external factors that we do not control. If cryptocurrencies were to be forbidden one day, it would affect the bot’s performance obviously. However for now, we should be good. There are many opportunities for arbitrage between the exchanges daily, with which there are many possibilities for positive results.

Can you know the average earnings per bot?

Between $5 and $35 daily approximately, based on your license. It can be more on good days.

Does the bot detect the FEES of each operation or Exchange?

Yes. The bot detects the FEES of each operation to know if it should act or not with the consequent benefit per minimum and / or maximum arbitration action.

What is the average percentage that would trigger the bot to detect a price difference of a currency?

The bot acts between 2% and 20% of the price difference of a currency with respect to other exchanges.

How long does it take to execute an arbitration action?

It depends. The bot relies on the exchanges to make the transfer, from the exchange where it purchased, towards the exchange where it intends to sell. The time depends on the blockchain of the currency, and how long it processed the transaction. Can take 10 seconds, can take a couple hours for highly traded currencies such as bitcoin.

Why has the company chosen to use those exchanges they recommend?

Under an analysis of the most liquid and stable exchanges thus squeezing the yields of the bot. Liquidity and trustability are the two main factors.

Will the company place or remove exchanges in the future?

Yes. This is a changing market and just as companies change, new ones appear with good projections. We seek to minimize risks and maximize benefits.

What risk does the bot have?

Risks that would affect profitability are on market side. For instance, delay in the transaction between exchanges. We have however a security that holds currency in case of delay not to suffer a loss. Other risk might be lower interest and demand in cryptocurrencies. This would mean lower trade, and consequently less opportunities. Technically, risks mostly would touch on clients’ server side. They would have to see with their provider. For the bot, we would maintain it, optimize it, and always keep on improving its performance.

Will we have updates on the bot and what would they consist of? Would they be free?

Yes, we will have frequent updates to improve our solutions. We continuously try to upgrade our services to deliver maximum value to our customers. Do not hesitate to share with us feedbacks on potential features that you wish to see integrated; as well as bugs, in the event you encountered any.

If we had technical questions where would we go?

If they are not answered in the FAQ or in the forum, you can contact support in Live Chat, email or Tickets.

Are there any chances of losing through arbitration?

If sending a currency to another Exchange takes too long and the opportunity to take the percentage for which the bot acted, may be at a loss in that specific operation. However, we have 2 options that you can choose yourself to decide if you want to keep it until you reverse this opportunity or sell it at a loss, but take back the remaining capital and so you can continue the bot with more operations. The chances of losses are much lower than those of profits.

What is arbitration?

Arbitrage in cryptocurrencies consists of detecting the price difference of a particular currency between different exchanges or cryptocurrency exchange pages and executing the action to take advantage of that price difference.

Why are there price differences in the same currency in relation to different exchanges?

Because cryptocurrencies are not regulated, their price is susceptible to the volume of an exchange house in the transaction of that currency with Bitcoin or another parity. For example, in an Exchange, one person can sell Bitcoin at $ 7,000 and in another, somebody is willing to buy it at $ 7,250.

Could I do manual arbitration with the same exchanges and capital that the company suggests?

The advisable thing is that both the Bitcoin and the exchanges that are going to use the bot are only for this to do the arbitration actions.

If I choose the option of "passive arbitrage" and the currency keeps falling until it collapses?

If the currency drops and investors do not have any interest in this currency anymore, if the currency has been taken out the market, or other similar events upon which we have no control whatsoever, unfortunately we will all suffer a loss on this one. Nonetheless, we only selected to most reliable and stable currencies and exchanges. We should be safe.

What is "active arbitration" and how does it work?

If in any of the shipments that make the bot to another Exchange for sale and profit taking take too long or in those minutes the price of the currency drops considerably, the bot would sell so that the rest of the bitcoin continue to be used by the bot and do not stop acting.

Could they put a "STOP LOSS" in passive arbitration and decide how much is the maximum loss I want to take?

We will look into this optimization in the foreseeable future.

Where do I install my bot?

You must install the bot on a VPS that the company suggests. There I would work tirelessly since, if I installed it on his own computer, I would have to leave it on 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and to avoid that a server is rented.

Can I install it on my mobile phone?

No. It must be installed in a VPS to avoid problems.

Can you see the daily gains or losses somewhere?

Yes. You will have an Admin Panel where you will see all its performance.

If I have capital in the exchanges that the company suggests to me to make trading at a particular level, should I open a new exchange to put the btc and not mix?

The ideal would be to have the exchanges that the company suggests only for the use of the bot so it does not give errors.

If I reach the profit limit, the bot stops. In the case that I do not realize, all that time is lost?

Yes. Each person is responsible for their business and being attentive to the results of their bot is a responsibility of each person. In the bot admin panel you will see those results and track your bot activity. We do not have any access or visibility on your bot.

Is there a relationship between the different bots with their profits?

Directly, there are none. Indirectly, bots all share the same market, and their activities will have an impact (very small) on the market. Nothing to worry about though.

Do I have to pay a percentage of the amount generated with my bot to the company?

No. 100% of the bot’s profits are yours.

If I have a bot and decide that I do not want to continue working with it, could I sell it to another person or ask for a refund?

You have 30 days after you purchase to return the bot in case you were not satisfied. The bot cannot be transferred to another user.

Will we have tutorials about how to install the bot?

Yes. We will provide video tutorials and explanations in images.

Will we have more automated products or just this arbitration bot?

Yes. ArbiStar is an organisation that will keep on conceptualizing and developing new options so that users can seize opportunities from the financial markets. We are already developing our second product.

Could you buy the robot indefinitely instead of renting it for 2 year?

No. Each person has a limited license of 2 year to never lose that annual income for their renewal. The idea is to ensure that all can achieve consistant returns. We look for economic leverage for all users.

What will happen once the 2 years of use of the bot ends?

The bot will stop until you decide to renew it.

Why does it force me to take the profits out of the bot once I reach a certain amount?

This formula is to have more people earning a quantity of BTC and not a few who monopolize the entire market with large amounts of capital in their exchanges. By forcing withdraw or upgrade once it reaches the top, people with intermediate capital can also have a chance to take arbitration actions.

How is the procedure to add the BTC and withdraw the benefits?

Adding Bitcoin to the Exchange will be by the usual method given by exchanges. Each person will send to the Exchange that will be linked to the bot. Once you have synced your bot with the exchanges’ API and funded your initial exchange account, by pressing PLAY the bot will evenly distribute the BTC between the linked exchanges. To withdraw the benefits you must press STOP in the your bot admin panel, and then withdraw from each Exchange without having to enter each one. Having accumulated all in one exchange, you can withdraw to your initial wallet. Everything is managed from your bot panel.

What if before reaching the maximum of profit allowed I decide to only take one part and leave the rest?

It cannot. When you hit STOP on your bot’s admin panel, you must remove all funds and then return to press PLAY for the bot to work with the maximum amount or less. The bot is programmed to no exceed the maximum. This to avoid the capital bulk. See question 50.

Can I make a group and together pay for the bot and add the BTC in the exchanges?

Each account is personal to a single name and verification however you are free to give, lend or donate your benefits to whomever you wish. The advice that the company gives in this case would be to avoid those groups and focus on the results. Each person can own their own product and benefit from healthy returns.

Can I sell the bot service to other people without buying mine?

You can do direct sale. You can register with a person who already owns the bot without paying you and so you can get ONLY 5% for each bot that sells without profit at levels that can be created by the growth of a multilevel structure. You can withdraw 5% of each sale without requirements.

Can I show profits in social networks?

You should be careful to show “money” publicly to avoid problems either physical (thieves) or online (hackers) but you are free to teach or not. What is strictly prohibited is to promise assured, minimum or maximum profits, talk about investment or exaggerate results. The user runs the risk of having his account canceled. We don’t want people to be misguided. Let’s remain on the truth.

Can I lend the bot to other people and give them a benefit?

No. The final product has a set price per person with registration in ArbiStar only and you buy this in order to receive a return. The business is unique and renting is not allowed since we do not have partners that sell to third parties. The user risks to have his account cancelled.

Who has developed this bot?

ArbiStar contracts the company MoonShuttle.com, a software development agency based in Paris that offers unique development processes in artificial intelligence, blockchain products and other web/mobile applications. It resides in a technological center with great world prestige. The address 5, PARVIS ALAN TURING, 75013 PARIS – FRANCE.

Why are there many companies that use bots that start well and then end badly?

We do not know their internal technical development. The vast majority of bots focus on trading. This market is very changeable and the algorithms that develop can be obsolete if they are not updated constantly. That is why having one of these finished products and not giving updates begin to give problems after some time. At ArbiStar, that will not happen as the IT department will be constantly maintaining the solution. In addition, our system is not trading. It is arbitration.

What is the difference between a trading bot and an arbitration bot?

In arbitration, there are no changes in trends. There is a great solution in which the trend does not matter if it is bullish, bearish or lateral. Only the difference in the price of a currency with respect to several Exchange. An arbitration bot can give many faults if the market trend in which it operates changes and the developers do not keep their automation updated. It can be said that the risk in an arbitration bot with respect to trading is null in its volume of operations.

Can the arbitrage market be saturated and the bot give no performance?

It is a possibility, but for this there must be hundreds of thousands of users and that the market for cryptocurrencies, users and exchanges do not evolve so that a person has a performance of 0. However, ArbiStar will always monitor the performance by algorithms to keep the market closely under watch, and users’ returns keep flowing.

If the market is saturated, what could we do?

At ArbiStar we will always be developing new automated products in different niche markets so that it is always profitable to work with us.

Can it be the case that it does not have results in a day?

Yes. Everything depends on the opportunities that exist in the market. The normal thing is that there are daily operations but it may be the case that one day no. Do not be alarmed in that case. You must think in the medium and long term like all businesses.

Do I have a contract when buying this bot?

Yes. When you register you have a contract of conditions of use where you must accept them. It is strongly recommended to read all contracts carefully.

In what languages is the bot?

The bot admin panel is in English at this point.

Will I have a page or admin panel to see its results or show other people?

Yes. It will have two different panels. One will be the bot where you will see results and the panel of the team or multilevel creation where the commissions will be seen, team growth etc.

Should I invite people for me to be able to generate only with my bot?

No. It is totally independent. There are no restrictions for those who only want to benefit from the ArbiStar bot.

Is there a monthly payment?

The monthly payment is optional. For the person who only wants to use the bot without referring the product to anyone else, it is not obliged to pay the monthly fee of 60 euros. The creator of network, to be qualified, must have 2 direct and pay the membership of 60 euros. The person who does not want to share the opportunity with anyone (client) can still pay the 60 euros and will have an analysis of the most productive exchanges to get more out of arbitration and more services that will be added progressively as an update.

How many people can I invite to the bot?

There are no limits. Direct selling and team building up to a certain amount in depth (10 levels for the unilevel bonus) does not have maximum number of people.

Do I have to pay taxes with the profits of my bot?

For each country, regulations are different. The best thing you can do is ask a financial advisor to keep up with the information in your country.

Will I be able to convert my bot's earnings into physical money?

Once you generate the benefits with the bot and must or want to withdraw it to your wallet you are totally free to do what you want. We are closing agreements with different companies so that the people of ArbiStar can both buy the Bitcoins and sell it for their equivalent national currency. However, there is a great ecosystem about Bitcoin and thousands of people negotiate for this purchase-sale. It is suggested to be VERY CAREFUL with the scams of people or companies.

How long should I wait once I buy my bot see results?

Once you have linked the APIs of all the exchanges with the bot, have put the necessary btc for its operation and pressed PLAY in your bot panel, the btc will be displayed between the linked exchanges and the bot system will begin to detect the price differences to act when it deems convenient. Possibly on that same day you can see movements in your account.

Can I ask someone to configure me the exchanges and the bot?

Yes, although note that if they are configured, they will have their private keys. It is a sensitive issue because we talk about “money” and it can lead to possible problems if you do not control everything. The advisable thing is to learn and be totally independent in these cases. If in the extreme case it is impossible for you to do it for yourself it is advised that the person who helps you is totally trustworthy.

What happens if I buy the bot and the company closes?

The bot is independent of the company. You have the downloadable and it will have an autonomous operation. It does not depend on the company at all. It is as if you have sent yourself to develop that robot for you. The risk in this case is 0.

Does the bot take into account the commissions (fees) that exist between the exchanges?

Yes. It detects absolutely EVERYTHING so that the operation is positive for you from the appearance of the price difference without having control over the delay of the currency where the mismatch could appear in some sporadic case.

Does the bot work with Bitcoin or the Altcoins?

The bot will work with the price difference of altcoins, although the deposit will be in Bitcoin. You will always have Bitcoin in your exchanges and will only activate the purchase of an altcoin when the price differences are detected so that once the order is executed, the result in Bitcoin will be returned again. The goal is to gradually gain more Sathosi.

If I add more bitcoin from the established maximum that will happen?

They will not be taken into account. Bots are programmed to work with maximum amounts based on the license you took.

Can I start with $ 2 per exchange to see how it works?

Yes, but keep in mind that it would be a very low amount and could minimize the results since many possibilities could not take them, but as a reference and security for you you could start and see what the process would be like until you decide to increase it. Furthermore, some exchanges impose limits of minimum amount to be transferred. If it’s too low, transfers are denied.

Can I use my team's commissions to upgrade to larger packages?

You could, but you should always send your team commissions to your external wallet and then make the Upgrade to the package you want. We do not move “balances”.

Can I put the number of exchanges that I want?

Yes, but keep in mind that the bot will not detect all the operations that exist in the others, which would reduce the results. It is preferable to have your capital distributed among more exchanges, although the feeling that Sathosi is less volume, but would have much more volume of operations.

What is the recommended capital to have good results?

Around the maximum investment. For each bot you specify what is the maximum that you can put in your Exchange. That maximum is what we recommend. Otherwise the bot can miss on some opportunities for lacking liquidity.

If I buy a bot and I do not have any results due to the saturation of the market?

We would have predicted such an unlikely event. And we would replace your solution with our next. But for now, you are fine! There are plenty of people trading cryptocurrencies, hence plenty of opportunities.