BC Game Responsible Gambling Features

As a licensed platform, BC Game India is dedicated to promoting Responsible Gambling. This commitment is reflected in our comprehensive set of rules and recommendations, useful links to local and international agencies, and a range of self-exclusion tools. BC Game are acutely aware of the potential risks associated with gambling and strives to ensure a comfortable and healthy gambling experience for all our users.

Policy to Prevent Minor Gambling

The primary task of any online casino or bookmaker is to prevent minors from gambling. To achieve this, BC Game has created a number of rules and steps to block even potential registration (and everything that follows) of children or those who do not have the legal right to gamble.

First of all, if the particular player or bettor is under 18 years old, the platform reserves the right to block the account. Perhaps everything looks too simple at first glance, and anyone can register. On the contrary, all new users must confirm that they are over 18 years old by providing real (not fake) documents. This happens by uploading photos to the site. In addition to the photo of the document, there should be a selfie where the same user is holding his document in his hands.

Next, the support service comes into play, which carefully checks the authenticity of documents and photographs, excluding the possibility of using Photoshop or other programs. BC Game uses advanced technology to verify the authenticity of these documents. Thus, if the user is underage, the account is instantly blocked.

Self-Exclusion and Limited: Tools to Control Gambling Activity

Quitting gambling completely is not always an option. Sometimes, to get back into the proper gambling experience, you need to take a break. The platform offers multiple self-exclusion tools and time variability for the cool-off period, including:

  • Short-term. An ideal solution for those who understand their situation and just want to take a break from gambling and do something else for 1-3 (on average) days.
  • Long-term. This period is designed for more than 14 days, up to several months. It is suitable for those who need professional help and have identified the first signs of addiction. Optionally, this time can be extended by notifying the site administration or support service in advance.
  • Permanent account blocking and deleting. If the caller wants to stop gambling on the BC Game website completely, they need to delete their account. In this case, the possibility of re-registration is excluded, and access will be completely limited.

The last option is an important decision that should be given careful consideration. In return, BC Game will respond instantly by blocking the account. 

Optionally, Indian gamblers can set limits on deposits, the number of bets per day, or a specific set of gambling games or sports betting. Moreover, modern slot machines have built-in functions to enable limits. For example, blocking the interface when a certain amount lost is reached. You can find out more about this on the provider’s website or contact the support service for advice.

Seek for Help to Prevent Gambling Addiction

At the moment, the gambling ecosystem is filled with various agencies and communication channels for those who need help. BC Game support team is aware of basic communication channels and will often recommend platforms such as:

  1. Gamblers Anonymous International Service Office;
  2. National Council On Problem Gambling;
  3. Gamcare Service.

However, the number of such platforms is much larger, including local agencies in different states of India. The problem of gambling addiction is quite serious, and the sooner it is identified, the sooner it can be fixed. In this case, the first signs may be:

  • Constant passion for gambling games.
  • The need to increase rates.
  • Failed attempts to control gambling.
  • Irritability and restlessness when trying to stop playing.
  • Returning to gambling to “win back” and lose again, and then come back.
  • Risk of losing significant relationships, work or school due to gambling.

Have you noticed any of this? Then don’t hesitate to ask for help.