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ArbiStar | Terms of Sale
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  • The appearing parties act in their own name and right.

They do hereby mutually acknowledge one another’s proper capacity to grant the present contract of commercial commission and, to that end,




  • That the ARBISTAR entity is a limited company, which aims to commercialize software “ROBOTS” that buy and sell Criptocurrencies in exchange and/or financial instruments in the futures markets.
  • That both appearing parties wish to formalize a commercial commission agreement in accordance with the following:




  • The commission agent will have the option to purchase the service for an annual membership from the date of acquisition, they can also start out without purchasing any membership and obtain bonus commissions through sales of their direct affiliates in the unilevel to profit and be able to acquire a “Robot” program.
  • Memberships are annual and renewable if the affiliate wants to have the service and not lose their position in the structure of the MLM “network marketing” ARBISTAR platform.
  • This Agreement may be amended only in writing, and ARBISTAR may amend the present General Conditions, Policies and Regulations, Procedures, the Remuneration or Compensation Plan and other materials related to this Contract, notifying the Affiliate with fifteen (15) days in advance. In order to continue with the services and business opportunity of ARBISTAR after the notice, the affiliate shall be deemed to have consented to the modification of the contract.




  • Memberships are different in each “Robot” program that is on the platform, in this section we will proceed to describe those currently in force, reserving the client the right to modify and change them when deemed appropriate:

Arbitrage “Robot” program:

  1. Free Membership : stipulated price €0, hereby you are entitled to a position in the structure and you will have access to the virtual office of the ARBISTAR platform and obtain a sales bonus on direct affiliates in the unilevel, of a 5% profit on the membership of the direct affiliates.
  2. Starter Membership : stipulated price €250, you obtain the service of the arbitrage bot which can give you a return of 0.40 Bitcoin and you must restart once you reach the amount or you must purchase the next membership. You also are entitled to a position in the structure, having access to the virtual office of the ARBISTAR platform, and you will get a sales bonus on direct affiliates in the unilevel of 5% profit on the membership of your direct affiliates, or you have the chance to earn more profits for a €60 monthly fee which will give you access towards earning three bonuses from the MLM “network marketing” compensation plan, which is offered on the ARBISTAR platform.
  3. Investor Membership : stipulated price €1,000, you obtain the service of the arbitrage bot which can give you a return of 1 Bitcoin and you must restart once you reach the amount or you must purchase the next membership. You are also entitled to a position in the structure, having access to the virtual office of the ARBISTAR platform and you will get a sales bonus on direct affiliates in the unilevel of 5% profit on the membership of your direct affiliates, or you have the option to earn more profits for a €60 monthly fee that will give you access to the earning of three bonuses from the MLM “network marketing” compensation plan, which is offered on the ARBISTAR platform.
  4. Business Membership : stipulated price €2,500, you obtain the service of the arbitrage bot which can give you a return of 2 Bitcoins and you must restart once you reach the amount or you must purchase the next membership. You are also entitled to a position in the structure, having access to the virtual office of the ARBISTAR platform and you will get a sales bonus on direct affiliates in the unilevel of 5% profit on the membership of your direct affiliates, or you have the option to earn more profits for a €60 monthly fee that will give you access to the earning of three bonuses from the MLM “network marketing” compensation plan, which is offered on the ARBISTAR platform.
  5. VIP Membership : stipulated price €5,000, you obtain the service of the arbitrage bot which can give you a return of 10 Bitcoins and you must restart once you reach the amount or you must purchase the next membership. You are also entitled to a position in the structure, having access to the virtual office of the ARBISTAR platform and you will get a sales bonus on direct affiliates in the unilevel of 5% profit on the membership of your direct affiliates, or you have the option to earn more profits for a €60 monthly fee that will give you access to the earning of three bonuses from the MLM “network marketing” compensation plan, which is offered on the ARBISTAR platform.




  1. The information provided by ARBISTAR must be considered by each user as an introduction, without being deemed as a determining factor for decision making, thus declining all responsibility for the use that can be verified therefrom in that sense, and specifically, it must be understood that such information, subject to the regulations in force in Bulgaria, is not intended for those users acting under other jurisdictions of States that require compliance with different requirements for the availability, dissemination or publicity of technological services and/or products.
  2. ARBISTAR reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information contained in ARBISTAR and may even limit or not allow access to such information without prior notice. In particular, ARBISTAR reserves the right to eliminate, limit or prevent access to its website when technical difficulties arise due to facts or circumstances unrelated to ARBISTAR which, at its discretion, diminish or nullify the standard security levels adopted for the proper functioning of the web.
  3. In no event shall ARBISTAR be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any kind arising from accessing and using the website, including, but not limited to, products in computer systems.
  4. ARBISTAR will not be liable for any damages that users may suffer due to improper use of this website, and in any way, of system failure, interruptions, absence or defect in telecommunications.
  5. ARBISTAR is not responsible for the veracity, completeness or updating of the information that is not of own elaboration and of which another source is indicated, nor of those contained in other websites by means of hyperlinks or links from ARBISTAR, facilitated to users as alternative sources of information, which shall be governed by the terms and conditions of use which for that purpose are enforceable by the owners of those websites; therefore, ARBISTAR assumes no responsibility for hypothetical damages that may arise from the use of the aforementioned information.
  6. In some cases there may be hyperlinks that shall be considered as a recommendation, sponsorship, or distribution by ARBISTAR, products and/or services, or in general, contents of the ownership of third parties offered by them or disclosed by them in any form.
  7. The entirety of this website, that is, the elements that compose it (texts, images, trademarks, logos, audio files, software files, colour combinations, etc.) as well as the structure, selection and order of its contents, are protected by the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights, not being subject to exploitation, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, cession or transformation or any other form of dissemination that has not been expressly authorized.
  8. The access to ARBISTAR does not grant to any person right nor any ownership of intellectual and/or industrial property rights of the contents that this website contains.
  9. The present website, exclusively owned by ARBISTAR, is an independent web site that provides information for online traders, day traders, “SUBSCRIBERS” of daily trades, impulse traders, etc., to distribute and exchange information in various forms on topics including arbitration, futures, among others.
  10. Our website, ARBISTAR, does not accept any legal liability arising from the usage, any investment, online trading, interpretation or acceptance of any information available on this website. YOU agree to access this website at your own risk and we do not offer any legal guarantee that the information available or obtained on this website is absolutely accurate and reliable, or that access to our servers does not expose you to viruses or other forms of damage. YOU understand that you are solely responsible for damages or costs arising from damage to YOUR computer and any of its components.
  11. YOU agree not to copy, duplicate and/or request information, material and other property owned by ARBISTAR, or any of the services we provide, unless we grant consent and written approval.
  12. Any attempt to intrusion into unauthorized areas, hacking, piracy or any form of damage to this website, www.arbistar.com, or the server on which it is hosted, will be immediately notified to the competent authorities in order to determine origin and responsibilities on the cause of damage to the page, server, hosted data and users who make use of our ARBISTAR systems. The images, logos, texts, and the general content of the Web created by the staff of ARBISTAR are the sole and exclusive property of ARBISTAR. The images, logos, texts, and the general content of the Web created by the staff of ARBISTAR are the sole and exclusive property of ARBISTAR.
  13. It is prohibited to speak badly on behalf of ARBISTAR or any of its legal representatives, as well as to disseminate foolish words or uses against our platform.
  14. Said web content may be viewed, downloaded and forwarded to others, as long as it is not used for illicit activities and does not infringe the Intellectual Property Law, being ARBISTAR sole proprietor of such material for all purposes. This material is allowed to be viewed and downloaded, but its use for commercial activities is not allowed without the express consent of ARBISTAR.
  15. ARBISTAR is not responsible for the opinions expressed in the comments of news, opinion articles, images, videos and, in short, material, either multimedia, audio-visual or by means of text sent by the users and visitors of this web page, proceeding to deactivate such material when considered appropriate by the company.
  16. No social network can be used under the sole name of ARBISTAR or ARBISTAR OFFICIAL, the company may request that they change the name or unregister that social network because they are protected by the rules of Intellectual and Industrial Property of the company.




  • ARBISTAR encourages you to use our service as long as you respect the terms and conditions and prohibitions. On non-ethical marketing activities and junk mail. The following are some examples of spam that may violate ARBISTAR’s terms and conditions and spam policy: Manipulating identifiers, such as e-mail headers, to hide the source of any content transmitted through ARBISTAR’s computer systems, broadcast e-mails from third-party mail servers without the permission from that third party.
  • Using or making someone use ARBISTAR computer systems to facilitate the transmission of unsolicited or unauthorized material. This includes any promotional material, URL, “junk mail”, “chain letters”, “pyramid schemes” or any other form of unauthorized application that can be uploaded, posted, emailed, transmitted or made available in any other way.
  • Using “bots” or collecting any email addresses from the ARBISTAR site. For the purpose of sending unsolicited or unauthorized material.
  • Uploading, posting, emailing, or transmitting the same message, URL, or post multiple times.
  • Interrupting the normal flow of dialogue or causing the screen to “move” faster than other users of the service can write, or acting in a manner that negatively affects other users’ ability to participate in real-time exchanges.
  • Certain ARBISTAR services may have additional spam guidelines that explain appropriate behaviour for those services. These additional policies are incorporated by reference in ARBISTAR’s universal spam Policy. It is the user’s responsibility to check each property’s guidelines for additional details regarding junk mail.
  • Breaches of our terms and conditions or this universal spam policy may result in legal action against you and cancellation, without notice, of your ARBISTAR identification and/or any related items, including, but not restricted to, email accounts, clubs, publications, homepages and profiles. Nothing in this policy is intended to grant any right to transmit e-mails through ARBISTAR’s computer systems, or through them. ARBISTAR does not waive any rights for the inability to enforce this policy in each instance in which it is applied.
  • FAX BLASTS, SPAMMING. The blasting of unsolicited faxes and e-mails (SPAMMING) is prohibited.





  • Sending one or more unsolicited e-mail messages through ARBISTAR’s software systems is considered as junk email. Any unauthorized e-mail through the use of ARBISTAR, INC. systems is a violation of ARBISTAR’s terms and conditions, unwanted mail policy, and certain federal, state, and international laws. Such violations may subject the sender and their agents to civil and criminal penalties.




IT Department



Office and Support


Management and Expansion

Av. Pintor Felo Monzón, Gran Canaria – SPAIN

E-mail: support@arbistar.com


DISCLAIMER (Terms and conditions)


  • Disclaimer of profits;

We have created this business model with all the effort and in the most correct and accurate ways, this website and the services that are offered for subscribers. WE OFFER ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL EARN MONEY OR ACHIEVE A FINANCIAL GOAL BY USING THE METHODS, INFORMATION AND SUGGESTIONS IN THE CONTENT PROVIDED. Any given example or demonstration is by no means a guarantee or promise that a person may obtain financial gains of any kind. The profit potential is totally independent of the person who uses our website, services, methods and ideas. This website does not provide, or guarantee, or recommend a “TO BECOME RICH” or “A PROFIT SCHEME” program.

If requested to verify for any specific claim on current earnings or examples of actual results, they may be provided. The level of success, results or gains that may be achieved with our system, depends on each subscriber; on their own financial resources, dedication, knowledge and skills. All these factors can vary according to each person. ARBISTAR DOES NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS as we cannot guarantee you any result or success you may have in your income or any result you would like to obtain.

  • The content and functionality that can be found in our system, tools or website are forecasts and based on our criteria and future expectations. You may notice that these statements are not strictly current or are based on historical ones that serve as examples. Where similar words, phrases and terms are also used, such as: project, believing, anticipating, estimating, trying, planning, potential, and words similar to description of income and earnings or other financial performance. Any of these statements in our advertising material or website and sales content or social networks contents ARE MEANT TO EXPRESS OUR OWN OPINION ABOUT THE INCOME POTENTIAL. We do not offer any guarantee of results with our system or any other that is equal or similar. The results are always going to vary from one person to another. Each individual must conduct his or her own independent investigation before participating in any commercial activity, including when you have expectations of specific results or financial returns.
  • The information provided in any of the services supplied by ARBISTAR is for educational purposes only. As such, we assume no liability, and the accuracy or reliability of the information, quotes, opinions or advice resulting from any of our services are not absolutely guaranteed. Every “SUBSCRIBER” assumes the exclusive legal responsibility of their decisions to follow the suggestions made in any of our services to BUY or SELL arbitrage or Futures bots.
  • We recommend that each “SUBSCRIBER” looks for information from their preferred financial advisor or investment adviser before entering Futures. Therefore, ARBISTAR does not provide, in any way, any professional, financial or investment services, and it is recommended that all potential “SUBSCRIBERS” seek fundamental commercial education.
  • ARBISTAR, or any of its subsidiaries, shall not be liable to “SUSCRIBERS” or any other party for incurred losses, costs or expenses, loss of use and damages (consequential/incidental) or both) as a result of errors, omissions or changes in information, links, downloaded material or other materials, a “SUBSCRIBER” may receive or make contact with when accessing the website. We do not provide any warranty for the accuracy or validity of the information provided in any of our services generated from generally reliable sources due to the refusal of such companies to provide legal guarantees for said information.
  • YOU accept that the absolute risk of YOUR commercial technique in the negotiation of Futures or Arbitrage lies solely with you and you accept full legal responsibility for this. You reserve the right to act on or discard the recommendations made in the services we offer and if YOU decide to act on any of them, then YOUR actions are solely YOUR legal decision and ARBISTAR, or any of their subsidiaries, are NOT responsible.
  • ARBISTAR, does not represent itself as an investment advisor or invest in Futures or Arbitrage. Therefore, we do not provide any kind of investment advice.
  • By logging in and using the information provided at ARBISTAR or submitting an application for any of our services, including, among others, free trials, subscription-based services, etc. (hereinafter, “MEMBER”, “SUBSCRIBER”, or ” MEMBERSHIP”), you unconditionally accept the legal terms and conditions established herein.
  • Any member, prospective member, free trial member, interested customer or subscriber of any kind, must read this disclaimer, understand and accept the stipulated legal terms.
  • Policies and Procedures

Notice: Please note that due to the high incidence of online fraud, people from the following countries may be requested to send notarized copies of their documents: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, Nigeria, India, Pakistan and the Philippines.

  • In addition, we cannot offer services to the following countries:

* Afghanistan

* Belarus

* Burma

* Chad

* China

* Côte d’Ivoire

* Cuba

* Democratic Republic of the Congo

* Equatorial Guinea

* Iran

* Iraq

* Lebanon

* Liberia

* Montana, USA

* North Korea

* Rwanda

* Sudan

* Syria

* Zimbabwe






    An applicant becomes an Independent Affiliate (“Independent Sales Representative”) of      ARBISTAR when the Application and the Agreement completed by the applicant have been      received and accepted by the Company, online or by post, in their Home Office. The      Company reserves the right to reject any Agreement for any reason, at its sole discretion.

    The Independent Affiliate uses their best efforts to promote and sell the Company’s       products and services to consumers in accordance with the Agreement contained in these      Policies and Procedures, and Terms and Conditions. By doing so, the Independent Affiliate      will maintain the high standards of honesty, integrity and business ethics in dealing with      Consumers, Businesses, or other Independent Affiliates of the Company.




    Independent Subscribers are authorized to sell products and services of the Company and      to participate in the Compensation Plan for Independent Affiliates. Independent Affiliates      can sponsor new Independent Affiliates.




    Independent Affiliates must be of legal age in the state/province/country of their residence.




         When a partner who shares an independent affiliated entity is divorced or separated, the      Company will continue to pay commissions in the same way as before the divorce or      separation until it receives a notice signed by both parties or a court order specifying How      the future commissions should be paid, provided that it is appropriate, the couple has      complied with the requirements of Section





    Corporations, companies, limited liability companies or other forms of business             organizations or trusts may become Independent Affiliates of the Company when the      Agreement is accompanied by a federal identification number.

    Shareholders, directors, officials, partners, members, beneficiaries and trustees, as                 appropriate, of the independent affiliated entity must accept ownership of such title, and the      Company shall consider each person responsible and obligated by the Agreement and      these Policies and Procedures, and Terms and Conditions.




    A person or entity cannot apply as an independent affiliate using a fictitious or false name.




    Independent Affiliates are Independent Contractors responsible for determining their own      activities without the Company’s direction or control. They are not franchisees, joint          ventures, partners, employees or agents of the Company and are prohibited from affirming      or implying, either orally or in writing, otherwise. Independent Affiliates have no authority to      link the Company with any obligation. The Company is not responsible for the payment or      co-payment of any employee benefit. Independent Affiliates are responsible for civil liability      insurance, health incapacity and labour compensation. Independent Affiliates set their own      schedules and determine how to conduct business, subject to the Company’s Agreement,      Policies and Procedures, and Terms and Conditions.




      As Independent Contractors, Independent Affiliates will not be treated as franchisees,       owners, employees or agents of the company for federal or state tax purposes, including       the Internal Revenue Code, the Social Security Act, federal unemployment law, state       unemployment laws, or any other federal, state, or local statute, ordinance, rule, or                regulation. At the end of each calendar year, the Company will issue on behalf of each       Independent Affiliate an IRS 1099 Form, as required by law, or other non-employee       compensation documentation applicable as Independent Affiliate.




    Federal law requires Independent Affiliates to obtain a social security number or federal      identification number. Independent Affiliates will be identified by this number, or by a      number assigned by the company, for the purposes of the Company’s business. The      Independent Affiliate Identification Number must be included in all orders and         correspondence with the company.




      Independent Affiliates must comply with all federal, state, and local statutes, regulations,        and ordinances related to the operation of their business. Independent Affiliates are        responsible for their own decisions and management expenses, including all estimated          income and self-employment taxes.




      No franchise is granted and there are no exclusive territories for sales or sponsorship.       There are no geographical limitations to sponsor or sell within the United States; provided       that, however, the company reserves the right not to sell products or services or to hire       independent affiliates in specific states/provinces within the United States.




1.  TERM


      Subject to the terms of the section; “RENUNCIATION / 1. TERMINATION VOLUNTARY       RENUNCIATION” the Agreement shall have a term that will commence on the date of       acceptance by the Company and will terminate two years from then on (on the “Anniversary       Date”).




    Independent Affiliates must renew annually, on the Anniversary Date, and the Independent      Affiliate has the right to refuse to accept any renewal at its sole discretion. The Company          may require Independent Affiliates to execute a new Agreement at the time of renewal.      Independent Affiliates that do not renew prior to the date of renewal, shall be deemed to      have voluntarily terminated their Independent Affiliate relationship with the Company and      thus lose their independent affiliated entity, all sponsorship rights, their position in the      Compensation Plan and all the rights of commissions and bonuses. Those Independent      affiliates who do not renew their status as an Independent Affiliate may not resubmit the      application under a new sponsor for the three (3) months following non-renewal.






    Independent Affiliates can sponsor other Independent Affiliates in the Company’s       business. Independent Affiliates must ensure that each possible new Independent Affiliate      has accessed and reviewed current Policies and Procedures, Terms and Conditions, and         the Compensation Plan before or at the time of granting an Agreement.




    If an applicant sends multiple Independent Affiliates listing different sponsors, only the first      completed Agreement received by the Company will be accepted.




    A Sponsor must maintain a continuous professional leadership partnership with the        Independent Affiliates in their organization and must comply with the obligation to conduct      a good-faith monitoring or sales function in the sale or delivery of products and services.




    Independent Affiliates must describe the Compensation Plan in a truthful and fair way. No      past, potential, or actual income claims can be made to prospective Independent Affiliates,      nor can Independent Affiliates use their own income as indicators of guaranteed success.      Commission checks cannot be used as marketing materials. Independent Affiliates cannot      guarantee commissions or estimate expenses to prospective customers.




    The company does not allow the transfer of sponsors. Network Marketing is a relationship-     building business. Once an Independent Affiliate is sponsored, the Company believes in         the maximum protection of that relationship. The only exception is prior written approval      of the Company to correct ethical infringement as determined by the Company’s sole      discretion, a change of line would be studied, and accepted if there is a bad deed by its       Sponsor and the situation can be proved with strong evidence, the company can give a      change of line if found convenient.




    An Independent Affiliate may not recruit, or attempt to sponsor, any non-personally-     sponsored Independent Affiliate/Client, who is active or inactive, in ARBISTAR, for less      than six (6) months. The Cross-Recruitment of another Affiliate/Independent Client will      have a compulsory suspension of thirty (30) days, and the commissions and/or bonuses      will be forfeited. The suspension will precede an investigation, which may result in      termination of the independent affiliate. ARBISTAR has a zero-tolerance policy, both for      cross-recruitment and cross-sponsoring.






a) The Independent Affiliate may voluntarily terminate their status as an Independent Affiliate by not renewing or by submitting a written notice of thirty (30) days prior to such renunciation or termination to the Company. Voluntary renunciation becomes effective upon receipt of said notice by the Company.

b) The Independent Affiliate who terminates his or her Independent Affiliate status may reapply as an Independent Affiliate three (3) months after the renunciation.




    The Independent Sales Representative may be suspended for violating the terms of their      Agreement, which includes these Policies and Procedures, the Terms and Conditions and      the Compensation Plan, and other documents produced by the Company. When the      decision is made to suspend the Independent Sales Representative, the Company will      inform the Independent Sales Representative in writing that the suspension has entered      into force from the date of the written notice, the reason for the suspension and the steps      necessary to remove the suspension (if any). The suspension notice shall be sent to the      “address in file” of Independent Sales Representatives in accordance with the notification      provisions contained in the Policies and Procedures and the Terms and Conditions. Said      suspension may or may not lead to the termination of the Independent Sales        Representative, as determined by the Company at its sole discretion. If the Independent      Sales Representative wishes to appeal, the Company must receive said appeal in writing      within fifteen (15) days from the date of the notice of suspension. The Company will review      and consider the suspension and notify the Independent Sales Representative in writing of      its decision within thirty (30) days of the date of the notice of suspension. The Company’s      decision will be final and will not be subject to any subsequent review. The Company may      take certain measures during the suspension period, including, but not limited to, the      following:

    a) Prohibiting the Independent Sales Representative from remaining as an Independent      Sales Representative or using any of the Company’s proprietary trademarks and/or        materials;

    b) Retention of commissions and bonds owed to the Independent Sales Representative      during the period of suspension;

    c) Prohibiting the Independent Sales Representative from purchasing services and       products from the company; and/or;

    d) Prohibiting the Independent Sales Representative from sponsoring new Independent      Sales Representatives, contacting current Independent Sales Representatives, or            attending meetings of Independent Sales Representatives.

    If the Company, at its sole discretion, determines that the violation that caused the          suspension continues, and has not been satisfactorily resolved, or a new violation has      occurred involving the suspended independent sales representative, the suspended Sales       Representative Independent can be cancelled.




    The Independent Sales Representative may be dismissed immediately for violating the      terms of the Agreement, which includes these Policies and Procedures, Terms and       Conditions and the Compensation Plan and other documents produced by the Company,      through written notice. The Company may terminate an infringing Independent Sales      Representative without suspending the Independent Sales Representative, at the sole      discretion of the Company. When the decision to terminate the Independent Sales        Representative has been made, the Company will inform the Independent Sales         Representative in writing to the address in the file of the Independent Sales Representative      that the termination has occurred.




    If the Independent Sales Representative wishes to appeal the termination, the Company        must receive the written appeal within fifteen (15) days of the termination notice date. If an      appeal is not received within the fifteen (15) day period, the termination shall automatically      be deemed to be final. If the Independent Sales Representative submits a timely notice of      appeal, the Company will review the appeal and notify the Independent Sales             Representative of its decision within ten (10) days after receipt of the appeal. The        Company’s decision will be final and will not be subject to any subsequent review. If the      termination is not cancelled, the termination will remain in effect from the date indicated in      the original termination notice.




    Immediately after termination, the terminated Independent Sales Representative:

    a) Must permanently remove and suspend the use of trademarks, service marks, trade      names and any signs, labels, stationary or advertising, that relates to or refers to any      product, plan or program of the Company.

    b) Must stop representing themselves as an Independent Sales Representative of the      Company;

    c) Forfeit all rights to their position as an Independent Sales Representative in the        Compensation Plan and to all subsequent commissions and earnings;

    d) Must take all measures reasonably required by the company related to the protection of      the Company’s confidential information. The Company has the right to compensate any      amount owed by the Independent Sales Representative to the Company, including, without      limitation, any indemnity obligation incurred under this document, commissions, or other      compensations due to the Independent Sales Representative. SECTION; GENERAL      PROVISIONS. 1. COMPENSATION AGREEMENT.




    Acceptance of any reapplication by a terminated Independent Sales Representative or of      the application of any family member of a terminated Independent Sales Representative      shall be at the sole discretion of the Company, and may be refused.




    Where state termination laws are inconsistent with this policy, the applicable state law shall      apply.






    Any Independent Sales Representative who wishes to acquire an interest in the business      of another Independent Sales Representative must first terminate his or her Independent         Sales Representative status and wait three (3) months before being eligible for such a      purchase. All of these transactions must be fully disclosed and must be approved by the      company in advance.




    Except as expressly set forth in this document, the Independent Sales Representative may      not sell, assign or transfer their Independent Sales Representative (or their rights) to      another Independent Sales Representative or to an individual who has interest in an      Independent Sales Representative entity. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Independent      Sales Representative may transfer their Independent Sales Representative entity to their      sponsor, subject to the terms of the section; CONDITIONS FOR TRANSFER. In said case,      the sponsor’s entity and the entity of the transferred Independent Sales Representatives      will be merged into one entity.




    Independent Sales Representatives may not sell, assign, merge or transfer their          Independent Sales Representative (or their rights) without the company’s prior written      approval and compliance with the following conditions:

    a) The company has the right of preference regarding any sale, cession, transfer or merger      of any Independent Sales Representative entity. The Independent Sales Representative      who wishes to sell, assign, transfer or merge their Independent Sales Representative must      first provide the Company with the right and option to make said purchase or receive such      transfer in writing with the same terms and conditions as any pending or intentioned offer      document. The Company shall notify the Independent Sales Representative within ten (10)      business days after receipt of said notice of their decision to accept or reject the offer. If      the Company does not respond within the ten (10) day period or declines the offer, the      Independent Sales Representative may make the same offer or accept any pending offer      that is in the same terms and conditions as the offer to the Company to any person or entity      who is not an Independent Sales Representative, married or dependent on the Independent      Sales Representative or who has any interest in Independent Sales Representative;

    b) The Independent Sales Representative vendor must provide the Company with a copy      of all documents detailing the transfer, including, in an illustrative way, the name of the      purchaser, the purchase price and the terms of purchase and payment; An office       management transfer fee of €100.00 must accompany transfer documents;

    c) The documents must contain an Agreement made by the Independent Sales        Representative vendor, for the benefit of the proposed purchaser not to compete with the      buyer or the attempt to divert or sponsor any existing Independent Sales Representative      for a period of two (2) years from the date of sale or transfer;

    d) After a sale, transfer or assignment that has been approved in writing by the Company,      the Independent Sales Representative who purchases must assume the charge and the      terms of the seller’s Independent Sales Representative agreement, and must execute a      current agreement and all other documents required by the company. ; And

    e) The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to stipulate additional terms and      conditions prior to the approval of any proposed sale or transfer. The company reserves      the right to disapprove any sale or transfer, where permitted by law.




    If it is determined, at the company’s sole discretion, that the Independent Sales         Representative entity was transferred in an effort to circumvent compliance with the        Agreement, the Policies and Procedures, the Terms and Conditions or the Compensation      Plan, the transfer will be declared void and invalid. The Independent Sales Representative      entity will return to the transferred Independent Sales Representative, who will be treated      as if the transfer had never occurred since the day of reversion from then on. If the         Company’s sole discretion is necessary, appropriate measures may be taken, including,      inter alia, termination against the Independent Sales Representative transferred, to ensure      compliance with the Policies and Procedures and the Terms and Conditions.




    Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, upon the death of the Independent      Affiliate, the Independent Affiliate shall pass on to their successors in interest as provided      by law. However, the company shall not recognise said transfer until the successor in      interest has executed a current agreement and submitted certified copies of the death      certificate, will, trust or other instrument required by the company. The successor shall be      entitled to all rights and shall be subject to all obligations of an Independent Affiliate of the      Company.




    Any independent affiliate that transfers their Independent Affiliate Centre must wait three      (3) months after the effective date of said transfer before being eligible to re-apply to      become an Independent Affiliate.






    During the term of the Agreement, the Company may provide Independent Affiliates with      confidential information, including, but not restricted to, genealogical and downline reports,      customer lists, customer information developed by the Company or on its behalf                (including, but not limited to, credit data, independent customers and affiliates data, and      product purchase information), lists of independent affiliates, manufacturer and vendor      information, commercial reports, commission or sales reports, and any other financial and      commercial information that the Company may describe as confidential. All that          information (whether in written or electronic form) is sole and confidential property of the      Company and is transmitted to Independent Affiliates with the strictest confidentiality based      on “need to know” for exclusive use in business of Independent Affiliates with the company.      Independent Affiliates must do their best to maintain the confidentiality of said information      and should not disclose such information to third parties, or use this information for any      other activity, directly or indirectly, while being Independent affiliates, and afterwards.

    Independent Affiliates should not use the information to compete with the Company nor for      any purpose other than to promote the Company’s program and its products and services.      Upon expiration, non-renewal or termination of the Agreement, Independent Affiliates must      discontinue the use of such confidential information and immediately return to the Company      any confidential information they possess.




    Regarding the company’s product purchases, independent affiliates must comply with the      use restrictions and copyright protections of all manufacturers.




    The company’s commercial relationships with its suppliers and manufacturers are         confidential. Independent Affiliates must not contact, directly or indirectly, or speak, or      communicate with any vendor or manufacturer of the company, except at events sponsored

    by the Company in which the supplier or manufacturer is present at the request of the      Company.






    Trademarks of companies, service marks and copyrighted materials are the property of      the Company. The use of such marks and materials must strictly comply with these       Policies and Procedures.




    Only promotional and advertising materials produced by the Company or approved in      advance by the Company in writing may be used to advertise or promote the business of      an Independent Affiliate or to sell products and services of the Company. The literature      and materials of the Company may not be duplicated or reprinted without prior written      permission.




    Independent Affiliates cannot use the Company’s business name to announce their       phone and fax numbers in the white or yellow pages sections of the telephone directory.      Independent Affiliates may not include their phone numbers under the Company’s trade      name without first obtaining the Company’s prior written approval. If approval is granted      for a listing of “800”, it should be indicated as follows: “Independent affiliate for the        company”.




    Independent Affiliates cannot answer the phone by saying “ARBISTAR” or in any other      way that leads to the person who calls to believe that he or she has reached the        Company’s offices.




    Independent Affiliates are not allowed to use the Company’s trade name or any of its      trademarks or service marks on their personal or business current accounts.




    Independent Affiliates are prohibited from providing radio, television, tabloid or magazine      interviews or using public appearances, speaking in public, or making any kind of          statement to public media to advertise the Company, their products or business of the      Company, without the Company’s prior written approval. All media inquiries must be      made in writing and referred to the Company’s corporate office, the legal department.




    No endorsement by an officer or administrator of the company or a third party may be      validated unless expressly communicated in the Company’s publications and          communications. Federal and state regulatory agencies do not approve or support direct      sales programs. Therefore, Independent Affiliates cannot represent or imply, directly or      indirectly, that the Company’s programs, products or services have been approved or      endorsed by any government agency.




    Independent Affiliates may not produce or reproduce for sale or personal use any          products sold by the Company nor any literature, audio or video material produced by the      Company, presentations, events or speeches, including conference calls. The video      and/or audio recording of the Company’s meetings and conferences is strictly prohibited.




    Independent Affiliates, as independent contractors, are encouraged to distribute         information and guidance to their respective downward lines. However, Independent      Affiliates must identify and distinguish between personal communications and the          Company’s official communications.






    Commissions and other compensations cannot be paid until the company has received      and accepted a full Agreement. Commissions are paid ONLY for the sale of services and      products of the Company. No commissions are paid for the purchase of Sales materials      or for Sponsorship of Independent Affiliates. In order to receive commissions for products      and services sold, the Company must have received and accepted an Agreement before      the end of the Commission period in which the sale is made.




    The payment of the commissions of the memberships or the monthly payments of the      subscribers, is distributed and will be conducted simultaneously, as expressed in the      Compensation Plan.

    The withdrawal of the commissions can be made daily depending on the bonus      generated, as explained in the compensation plan and subject to possible changes.

    The subscriber will begin to collect commissions from the moment they are registered on      the ARBISTAR platform, when it corresponds to them, and accept the conditions that we      named below in this document. The company’s offices are open from Monday to Friday,      from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., with the exception of certain holidays published by the Company.




    Commissions are paid to Independent Affiliates as defined in the Compensation Plan.      Independent Affiliates should consult the Compensation Plan to obtain a detailed         explanation of the benefits, the structure of the commission and the requirements of the      Compensation Plan.




    Any commission or bonus earned and paid for returned products constitutes an obligation      and must be reimbursed to the Company by the Independent Affiliates who earn such      commissions. The Company has the right to compensate said amounts with future         commissions and other compensations paid or owed to such Independent Affiliates who      received commissions.




    In order for any member or Independent Affiliate to receive bonuses or commissions from             the company, the Independent Affiliate or member must be registered on the ARBISTAR      platform, and in case of being a legal entity, the DNI or NIF is required, and must be      scanned, with the Identification and billing. This accepted Policies and Regulation         Agreement and the KYC document will be accepted in order to collect the 5% bonus of      the direct affiliate sales in the UniLevel. In order to obtain payment for all other earnings,      you must be “Active” and “in good state” and “Qualified”. “Active” means an Independent      Affiliate or member who pays for their monthly subscription and uses the Company’s      products and services on a regular basis. “Good state” refers to an Independent Affiliate      or member who does not owe money to the Company. Qualified with two people for the net      earnings of the Inilevel bond over ten levels and the residual bond.




    ARBISTAR has a strict policy of 90 days and will invest all commissions deposited in its         eWallet after 90 days of inactivity.

    ARBISTAR strongly recommends that you transfer all commissions of your eWallet as      soon as possible.

    Therefore, it is your responsibility to transfer all commissions of your eWallet within 90      days after your deposit in your eWallet.

    Please note, that if your commissions are cancelled because your eWallet is inactive after      90 days, ARBISTAR is not obligated to deposit any reverse commissions.




    IF YOU ARE NOT ACTIVE IN YOUR MONTHLY FEE and with 2 Independent          Distributors invited by you, you lose your Compensation Plan’ commissions on the three      bonuses. However, you will continue to gain from the bonus of 5% on direct affiliate sales      in the UniLevel, either having paid the membership/fee or not, and being registered on      the ARBISTAR platform, and with all the above-mentioned requirements.

    It is very important that you understand that if you are not active with the monthly         payment, the bonus commissions expressed in the compensation plan are not paid, only      those from the direct sales bonus, specified above. But the payment of the commissions      will be activated at the moment that you re-activate your monthly fee and the membership      comes into force again. It should be taken into account that no retroactive payments of      the days of the month in which you are NOT ACTIVE are made.






    Payments may be subject to a retention of a period of minutes or hours, if for some           reason the transfer of the bitcoins to our platform is not carried out through the payment      gateway. We cannot guarantee its location on the reference network until payment is      authorized. If an incomplete payment is made, the order will not be processed until the      Company has received the total amount. If an overpayment is made, the Company will      process the order and issue a credit to the Independent Affiliate’s account, which will be      automatically refunded to their ARBISTAR virtual office wallet. Orders will not be processed      if a transfer is cancelled. Service requests are not effective until they are accepted by the      Company.




    All promotional items bearing the Company’s name or logo must be purchased only from      the Company, unless a prior written permission is obtained from the Company.




    Independent Affiliates may not make any claim, representation or warranty in relation to      any service of the Company, except those expressly approved in writing by the Company      or contained in official materials of the Company.




    For the purchase or acquisition of any membership of ARBISTAR, the DNI is required, or      the NIF in case of being a legal person, scanned, with the identification and the billing.




    Invoices will be generated automatically and immediately at the time of payment, both the      membership and the payment of the monthly fee. The date of the monthly fee will be      charged at the time it is discharged and requested in the system, and so on every month      on the same date that the service was activated.




    a) Subscribers can upgrade their membership to a superior one at any time, and a payment      of the entire amount of the membership they want to choose must be made.

    b) in the annual payment they will be able to re-select any of the memberships offered by      ARBISTAR.

    c) An initial fee, a charge and/or a purchase may be required in order to become an        Independent Subscriber. As an Independent Subscriber, you agree to pay and authorize      the automatic and recurrent billing of the Membership by any available payment method,      until cancelled. Any automatic and recurrent billing of the Membership is non-refundable      and will not be prorated. You authorize the company to initiate the debit entries of the      account provided and the Membership fee, as well as any other purchases made on the      site.

    d) Each user of ARBISTAR can only open one account in his or her name.

    e) ARBISTAR reserves the right of admission, even being able to disqualify any user who      does not comply with the regulations, without prior notice and without any bonus.

    f) ARBISTAR does not guarantee the collection of all commissions if the customer is not      up to date with payment of their service or their current membership of the annual payment.      Similarly, if the customer does not use the service, the monthly service fee will be charged      every month until the customer proceeds to unsubscribe to the system.

    g) The domain and accommodation for the “Robot” program is owned by the Affiliate and      is outside the ARBISTAR platform, the expenses of these services will be borne by the      affiliate.






    The Company offers seven (7) days, 100% money back and satisfaction guarantee for all      Subscribers. The seven (7) days, 100% money-back guarantee, begins from the date of      purchase, includes weekends and only applies to the initial purchase of any membership      and fee. If, for any reason, a Subscriber is not satisfied with the service, the Subscriber      may receive a refund within seven (7) days of their initial purchase, to obtain a full refund      of the purchased price. All other warranties are disclaimed. After seven (7) days, their      purchase will no longer be refundable.

    The company offers a seven (7) day money back guarantee for all subscription payments      made to ARBISTAR. The refund is 100% effective when the customer complies with clause      4. DISPLACEMENT OF COMMISSIONS.

    If the supply and demand market is not giving opportunities, it is not a reason for          reimbursement. This includes the expiration date of the subscription, weekends and applies      only to monthly subscription payments (“auto-send”). Send an email to          support@arbistar.com to cancel your account.




    Except as expressly set forth herein, the Company does not offer any warranties or          representation as for merchantability, suitability for a particular purpose, labour or any other      warranty in relation to any product or service acquired from or through the Company.




    The federal law grants the buyer the right to cancel certain sales without penalty before      midnight on the third working day after the transaction. This rule covers retail sales to the      consumer of €25.00 or more that occur outside the seller’s main office. Independent      Affiliates must verbally inform the purchaser of the three-day cancellation right at the time      the buyer purchases the goods and deliver 2 three-day cancellation notices to each client.






    Each and every one of the Independent Affiliates agree to indemnify and hold harmless      the Company, its shareholders, officials, directors, employees, agents and successors in      interest of and against any claim, lawsuit, liability, loss, cost or expense, including, among      others, the court costs and attorneys ‘ fees, allegations against, suffered or incurred by      any of them, directly or indirectly arising out of or in any way related or allegedly related to      or otherwise, the activities of the Independent Affiliates (a) as Independent Affiliate; (b)      failure to comply with the terms of the Agreement; and/or (c) violation or breach of any      applicable federal, state, or local law or regulation.




    The company reserves the right to establish a processing fee for commission checks      and/or genealogy requests.




    Independent Affiliates cannot promote or sell the services of another company in the      presentations organized to present the Company and their products/services or         Compensation Plans of any type of business and may not ask other users for their data to      capture clients of ARBISTAR, within the platform of ARBISTAR or in any social network      account that has been created under the name of the Company or of any affiliate, if said      social network account was created with the purpose of presenting ARBISTAR.         Independent Affiliates are not restricted to the sale of services and products from other      companies, but if an Affiliate breaches this policy, they will be given a warning notice by      email, and as a penalty their service will be deactivated for one month, even having paid,      without entitlement to his commissions in that month. If this situation repeats itself in      a second notice, it will be a reason to automatically stop being an affiliate in ARBISTAR.




    To the extent permitted by law, the Company shall not be liable for, and each        Independent Affiliate frees the Company from, and waives all claims for any loss of        profits, indirect, direct, special or consequential damages or any other loss incurred or      suffered by an Independent Affiliate as a result of (a) non-compliance by the Independent      Affiliate with the Agreement and/or the Terms and Conditions and/or Policies and         Procedures; (b) the Independent Affiliate business operation; (c) Any incorrect data or      information provided by the Independent Affiliate; or (d) failure to provide any information      or data necessary for the Company to operate its business, including, among others, the      registration and acceptance of the Independent Affiliate in the Compensation Plan or      payment of commissions and bonuses.




    The Company encourages all Independent Affiliates to keep complete and accurate        records of all their businesses.




       The Company shall not be liable for delays or performance failures caused by         circumstances beyond the control of a party, such as, but not limited to: fire, flood,            earthquake, storm, power outages, labour difficulties, strikes, war, decrees or orders of the      Government and/or the reduction of the usual source of supply of a party. ARBISTAR also      does not take responsibility for the capacity of the computer equipment that the clients use,      nor for the speed of their Internet connection.




    It is the duty of each Independent Affiliate to respect and maintain the integrity of the      Policies and Procedures and the Terms and Conditions. If the Independent Affiliate        observes that another Independent Affiliate commits an infringement, they must discuss      the violation directly with the infringing Independent Affiliate. If the Independent Affiliate      wishes to report such violation to the Company, they will detail the violations solely in writing      and mark the correspondence “Attention: Legal Department”.




    The Company reserves the right to modify the Agreement, the Policies and Procedures,      the Terms and Conditions, its retail prices, the availability of products and services and the      type of Compensation Plan, at any time without notice, as considered appropriate. With the      Independent Affiliate Agreement, an Affiliate agrees to comply with all modifications the      Company decides to make. The amendments will be communicated to the Independent      Affiliate through official notifications of the Company, such as, among others, publication      on the Company’s website, publication in the Office of Independent Affiliates, e-mail,      special mails or publications. The amendments are effective and binding on the      presentation on the Company’s website. In the event of a conflict between the original      documents or policies and any amendments, the amendment shall have control. The      continuation of an Independent Affiliate business, acceptance of any benefit under the      Agreement, or acceptance of commissions from the sale of goods or services, constitutes      acceptance of all amendments.




    No obligation or provision in this document, and no custom or practice of the parties in      disagreement with these Policies and Procedures, shall constitute a waiver of the         Company’s right to require the exact fulfilment of these Policies and Procedures. The      Company’s resignation from any particular breach by the Independent affiliate shall not      affect or impair the rights of the Company regarding any subsequent breach, nor shall it      affect in any way the rights or obligations of no other Independent Affiliates. No delays or      omissions by the Company in the exercise of any right arising from an effect of non-       fulfilment or impairment of the rights of the Company as to that or any subsequent or future      breach. The Company’s resignation may only be affected in writing by an authorized official      from the Company.




    The Agreement and these Policies and Procedures shall be governed by the laws of      Bulgaria.




    In the event of a dispute between the Company and an Independent Affiliate in relation to      their respective rights, duties under this Agreement, or in the case of a claim of non-       compliance with the Independent Affiliate Agreement, it is agreed that such dispute shall      be resolved exclusively in accordance with binding arbitration under the Trade Rules of the      Bulgarian Arbitration Association with arbitration taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria. The      arbitrator may grant, in addition to the declarative repair, contractual damages, and shall      grant reasonable fees and costs to the prevailing party. An award of attorney fees and costs      will continue through any review, appeal or compliance with an arbitration decision. The      arbitration decision may be applied in any competent court of jurisdiction. This provision      shall not be construed to prohibit either party from obtaining a preliminary or permanent      precautionary measure in any competent court of jurisdiction. The parties expressly waive      their right to charge consequential, punitive and exemplary damages of the other party.      This provision shall not be construed to prohibit either party from obtaining a preliminary or      permanent precautionary measure in any court of competent jurisdiction. The parties      expressly waive their right to charge consequential, punitive and exemplary damages of      the other party.




    The Policies and Procedures are incorporated into the Agreement and, together with the      Terms and Conditions and the Compensation Plan, constitute the entire agreement of the      parties regarding their business relationship.




    If under any applicable law or rule that is binding of any applicable jurisdiction, any         provision of the agreement, including these Policies and Procedures and Terms and      Conditions, or any specification, regulation or operating procedure that the Company has      prescribed is deemed invalid or inapplicable, the Company will have the right to modify      the invalid or non-executable provision, specification, regulation or operating procedure or      any part thereof to the extent required to be valid and enforceable, and the Independent      Affiliate shall be subject to such modification. The modification will only be effective in the      jurisdiction in which it is required.








    Any communication, notice or demand of any kind that the independent affiliate or the      company may require or wish to give or lend to another shall be made in writing and sent      by electronic communication either by telex, telegram, e-mail or telecopying (If confirmed      in writing and sent by certified or registered mail, postage paid, acknowledgement of      receipt is required). Any of such communications, notifications or claims shall be deemed      to be delivered or notified on the date of confirmed shipment, if the delivery is by         electronic communication, or on the date shown on the return receipt or by other         evidence if the delivery is by mail.




1. ARBISTAR. is the only operator that collects or keeps personal information through the website www.arbistar.com

2. A member (any visitor or person who makes use of the website) can contact www.arbistar.com using the following information:




Office and Support


Management and Expansion

Av. Pintor Felo Monzón, Gran Canaria – SPAIN

Email; support@arbistar.com,

3. Review the Terms and conditions of use.

Information collection

1. The website actively collects information from its members such as name and surname, age, city and state, email address, sex, date of birth and information through enrolment forms, applications, voluntary surveys, raffles, competitions, purchases and participation in public forums such as bulletin boards.

2. The site reserves the right to passively collect information related to the use of the site, such as the time spent on the site, the areas visited, and the sites linked to and from. In the future, the site may collect additional information and install cookies on members’ hard disks.

3. The site allows members to make personal information available in public forums, such as bulletin boards, to the extent that members choose to disclose such information.

4. If a member contacts an employee or an affiliated person, a record of that correspondence may be kept.

5. The site is prohibited from conditioning the participation of a member in an activity in which the member divulges more personal information than is reasonably necessary to participate in such activity.

Use of information

1. Personal information is used for record keeping, site administration, site activities, fulfilment of requested transactions and marketing only for members who have given their consent for said marketing. This may be in the form of emails, text messages or direct mail, among others.

2. Personal information collected from members is not disclosed to third parties except to the companies with which the website is affiliated by common property. The site may retain third parties to review certain personal information to advise on demographic and marketing issues, usually in aggregate form, and only after such third parties have agreed to maintain confidentiality, security and integrity of the personal information obtained.

Please note that any queries about the rank, earnings/commission payments, location requests, status 2, and cancellation/reimbursement requests CANNOT be handled by telephone. You will need to send a support ticket.




IT Department



Office and Support


Management and Expansion

Av. Pintor Felo Monzón, Gran Canaria – SPAIN

Email; support@arbistar.com,